The Peters Family

September 19, 2015 Photography 0 Comments

Oh the Peter’s family… if you know them, you instantly love them and I am extra lucky and get to call them my family.

Mike and Leanne are such fun and amazing parents and I think these photos really capture their family’s personalty. I truly feel that because Mike and Leanne were so relaxed, went with the flow and never stressed about their kids not looking or smiling made this session the success that it was. We played, we ran around, we joked and we followed the children’s lead. For example I wanted a picture of the kids on their parents back….but it turned into them pretending to fall off and thinking it was hilarious. So I yelled “family pile up” and got an amazing shot! My point is, sessions are suppose to be a fun experience! If your kids are acting a little more energetic than usual, that’s ok. It usually makes for some great shots!

Also, I think this session might go down as one of my favourites of 2015. Oh and I must mention how perfect their outfits are. They are coordinated, have layers (scarf and jacket) and have some pattern incorporated….PERFECTION!