The Birth of Grace

August 6, 2016 Photography 1 Comment

When my sister- in-law Courtney and my brother-in-law Brett asked me to come into the birthing room again, to photograph the birth of their fourth child, I was beyond thrilled. I felt so honoured that I was going to have the opportunity to capture one of the most special days in their lives…again!

We knew from the beginning, that my summer was pretty full right around the time of their due date. So we all knew there was a small chance that I might not make it to the hospital. But thankfully that didn’t happen!

On July 30th , 2016, I woke up to find a text message from Courtney that said “Baby is coming!”. I sped to the hospital, terrified that I was going to miss the birth of their baby. I knew that from Courtney’s past births, that when she is in labour it moves quickly. Just as predicted, it moved quickly. Just over an hour of me arriving at the hospital, their baby was born.

When I arrived at the hospital Brett met me at the nurses desk and led me into the delivery room. It felt like déjà vu! It felt like yesterday that I walked into that very same room and captured the birth of their third child Alex.

Courtney asked us for our final guesses for the gender of the baby. I guessed boy, because they have three older boys at home. So I felt it was a safe bet. Brett also guessed boy…well BOY were we wrong!

When the doctors held up the baby, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a GIRL! A beautiful little girl! As I snapped photos through tear filled eyes, it felt like the world had suddenly went into slow motion. I remember people in the room calling out “it’s a girl”, I remember the look on a proud dads face and I remember the smile on a moms face as she holds her daughter for the first time.

I wish there were words bigger than “thank you”. I will never be able to thank Brett and Courtney enough for allowing me to capture these special moments in their lives. And as an added bonus, I was able to capture Grace’s three older brothers meeting her for the first time!